Information about Mummybay UK


How did I came up with the idea of mummybay?

I'm Sherin, mummy of a gorgeous little boy, Keanu.

As a first-time mum, I have spent lots of money on maternity clothes, baby items and toys. I never thought my son would outgrow his vests, pants and shirts so quickly. I remember this afternoon when I went shopping with my mum in H&M. She tried to convince me to buy at least two sizes up because babies outgrow their clothes so quickly! *scream*

During softplay sessions, rhyme times, singalongs and swim lessons, I have met many mums who complain about the same thing: clothes barely worn don't fit any longer; toys which once allowed us mummies 10 minutes of me-time are no longer needed (and take up half the living room) and accessories which looked super cute in the shop have never been used. There is so much life left in all these items.

I wanted to give mummies a platform where they can i) sell quality second-hand maternity and baby items, ii) save loads of money by buying quality second-hand items, and iii) review products they once used, sharing their wisdom with other mummies. But could I do it?

Then I saw this amazing video from Mom Truths on Facebook. I felt so empowered and thought "Yes, I can! Let’s get to work!" I started a survey in one of my favourite mummy Facebook groups, convinced my husband and his business partner to support me in coding the platform, contacted a designer who created this amazing logo and asked all my mummy friends to declutter their homes of unwanted baby things (and make some extra money). Mummybay was born! :-)

For everyone who is interested, here’s the link to the Mom Truths video:

FYI: At the moment Mummybay belongs to my husbands company, Wilymonkey Limited. This way I was able to go live with Mummybay straight away. However, we have the deal, that if Mummybay gets successful I'll create my own company. *Please universe make it happen* 

What's next?
Nothing is perfect straight from the beginning and so isn't mummybay. However, I have many idea's for future features which I want to realise step by step. And of course I'd like to share them with you:

  • Enable charity donations.
    If an item wasn't sold after 30 days, you can opt in to donate it to charity. This way you get your space back and you do something good. I'm looking forward to cooperate with charities, who are willing to pick up the items from your home.
  • Integrate Paypal as a payment method.
    I know, this seems easy but well ... it isn't. :-)
  • Mummies trust mummies.
    Before I bought anything, I asked my mummy friends about their opinion. I hope that loads of mummies will share their experience with the mummybay community by reviewing existing listings. Based on these reviews I'll create a product rating which shall help new mummies to buy, or not to buy that item.
  • Buy new products cheaper.
    I hope I can negotiate some nice deals with brands which will allow the mummybay community to buy new items with a nice discount.
  • Save time.
    Add listing of 2nd hand item below new product describtion. No need to describe the features of the product.